Hawk Eye - Full HD 1080P - HD Video Camera Sunglasses

Hawk Eye – Full HD 1080P

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Introducing the new She Left Hawk Eye 1080 Full HD Video Recording Sunglasses with 90 degree standard camera lens angle and removable memory storage (upto 64GB class 10) and with a 1920 x 1080 Full High Definition video camera. Utilising a High Quality 10 Megapixel Cmos sensor for the clearest of images. High capacity rechargeable lithium polymer battery for up to 1.5 hours recording time. Vibration and LED alert for On/Off operation so you know when the device is recording. Removable memory must be class 10 which provides the smoothest streaming of your recorded footage.   Choose your Free Extra Lens Colour before buying!    A 4GB Memory Card is included but upgrade for more recording time.  

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Hands-free HD video recording eye wear are perfect for extreme sports, cyclists, fisherman, kayakers, Equine activities, snow skiers, tourists, coaches, trainers and just about any other outdoor sporting activity. One-button operation makes using the glasses almost as easy as putting them on! Hawk Eye Full HD 1080P Glasses comes with:

  • Black Lens
  • Black Soft Ear Sleeve
  • Black Nose Pad
  • Comes with 4GB Removable memory, upgradeable upto 64 GB Storage Capacity(Class 10)
  • USB Computer Cable
  • 240v mains charger
  • Neckstrap / Lanyard
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Hardcover Case
  • User Manual
  • 12 months warranty
  • lens colours available Mirrored Blue, Black, Brown, Light Grey, all polarised, Amber and Clear

She Left Hawk Eye 1080 Full HD Video Sunglasses Specification and Features

  • These are real Full HD-DVR Sunglasses 1080p.
  • All-in-one sport sunglasses with mini DVR and 1920 x 1080 HD video recording resolution.
  • Real hardware decoding, 1920*1080P @ up to 30fps. HD solution video with big size display window.
  • 10 mega pixels pinhole CMOS hidden camera hardware resolution.
  • Video Stabilization: Hand-shake compensation during video capture.
  • Motion detection stabilization.
  • Noise Removal and High ISO: 1) Advanced filter to smooth noisy area; 2) High ISO implementation to reduce hand shake blur for clear image; 3) ISO 1600-3200.
  • Advanced Audio Codec: 16 bit data sample.
  • High speed recording and quick light respond.
  • Lighting Adjustment:1) Automatic histogram analysis; 2) Increase low tone detail and reserve high tone; 3) Better image under strong back light.
  • USB 2.0 high speed.
  • Removeable internal micro SD card 4-64GB capacity. Must be Class 10 performance
  • USB faucet to software framework update.
  • Powerful functions: HD Video Camera, Audio Recorder, USB drive.
  • Real Time & Date display in HD quality.
  • Great for extreme sports, skiing, fishing, hunting, golf, recreation, archery, racing, rock climbing

Technical Parameters

Dimensions 170x152x45mm(unfolded), 152*60*45mm (folded)
Physical weight 49g
Video Resolution 1920*1080P
Video format MP4
The ratio of video 16:9
Audio Processing AAC2 Stereo encode/decode
Interface Micro USB2.0 HS works with Mac and PC
Storage memory type Easily external micro-sd card memory removeable, Up to 32GB(max)
Power supply 3.7V high-capacity lithium polymer battery, rechargeable
Power adapter 5V DC/500mAh
Operating temperature 0°C – 70°C
Storage temperature -20°C – 80°C
Player Common media players, or Mainstream audio and video media playing software, with the high version player
Operating System Windows XP, Win7/8/10, Vista 7/8, Mac OS, Android system