Hawkeye technology - HD Video Camera Sunglasses
HDVCS Hawkeye Features Image

Hawkeye Technology – 1080p


  • Real hardware decoding, 1920*1080P @ up to 30fps.
  • 10 mega pixels pinhole CMOS hidden camera hardware resolution.
  • Video Stabilization: Hand-shake compensation during video capture.
  • Motion detection stabilization.
  • Noise Removal and High ISO: 1) Advanced filter to smooth noisy area; 2) High ISO implementation to reduce hand shake blur for clear image; 3) ISO 1600-3200.
  • Advanced Audio Codec: 16 bit data sample.
  • High speed recording and quick light respond.
  • Lighting Adjustment:1) Automatic histogram analysis; 2) Increase low tone detail and reserve high tone; 3) Better image under strong back light.
  • USB 2.0 high speed.
  • Removeable internal micro SD card 4-64GB capacity. Must be Class 10 performance
  • USB faucet to software framework update.
  • Powerful functions: HD Video Camera, Audio Recorder, USB drive.
  • Real Time & Date display in HD quality.