Portable Power Backup Battery Pack 5200mAh - HD Video Camera Sunglasses

Portable Power Backup Battery Pack 5200mAh


Provides Power when one cannot get back to 240 volt or 12 volt access.


Charge the power pack up via wall charger supplied with HD Video Recording Sunglasses, or via your computer using the supplied USB cable and have access to backup power for your HD Video Recording Sunglasses. Power pack holds charge for months on end. Charging sunglasses takes approximately 1 1/4 hours to get full re-charge. The Portable Power pack  5200 mAh holds enough backup power for approximately 5 full recharges of the HD Video Recording Sunglasses. The Portable Power Backup Battery Pack is small enough to fit inside our Bum bags along with HD Video Recording Sunglasses and all accessories. You may receive a white or black  unit. SUNGLASSES ARE NOT INCLUDED