Support - HD VIdeo Camera Sunglasses

Tips & Tricks for using She Left Hawk Eye HD Video Recording Sunglasses

  • Please fully charge the internal battery before use, using the wall charger – according to directions in the User Manual. This may take approximately 2-3 hours. the first few times you charge please follow user manuel instructions.  However, you may find that your battery is already fully charged – See User Manual which explains when batteries are fully charged.
  • The coloured lenses have a blue protective film on them – Please remove this film before use. May not apply on mirror blue lenses or clear.
  • Do not subject your sunglasses to liquid of any kind.  When cleaning the lenses, use the lens cleaning cloth provided.
  • The battery will last approximately 1 -1½ hours with continuous filming between chargers. However, the battery may need 2 full charges from the wall charger to gain its full capacity.
  • If you find that your HD Video Sunglasses will not record, your internal Micro SD Card may have temporarily frozen. To fix this you will need to reset the video sunglasses using a pin or paperclip to press the reset button to resume normal operation.
  • Additional lenses are available for purchase through HDVCS  in Mirror Blue polarised, Brown polarised, Black polarised, Light Grey polarised, Amber ( polarised) and Clear (non-polarised).
  • Due to the high definition/resolution of the video footage we have use a good quality high capacity internal Micro SD cards with a speed rating of at least Class 10 . We recommend Class 10 for smooth streaming of footage.
  • We recommend that you do a test film before filming important footage to become familiar with the viewing/filming area and the control buttons.  For best results when filming up close, it may be better to tilt your head downwards to ensure that you are filming the image that you want.   When panning a shot make sure that this is done slowly.
  • We have provided a good quality lanyard so there is little risk of accidentally dropping sunglasses (ie overside of boat). However we are not responsible if you do or if for any reason this lanyard fails in any way, please test it for condition before use every time.
  • In order to get the best performance and storage capacity out of your  internal Micro SD Card, we recommend that you reformat your card after transferring your files to the computer. When your computer reads the card, they sometimes leave small hidden recovery files on the card which can take up valuable space.   Important information for Mac users: You need to empty the ‘Trash Folder’ before you unplug your internal Micro SD card otherwise the files will not be deleted from your card.
  • There are a number of free programs available to help you edit your video footage.  One simply and easy to use program is called Microsoft Windows Movie Maker which is available on all Windows based computers or can be downloaded from Microsoft. This program will allow you to compile all your video footage, add titles and music.  Macs have their own program called iMovie which usually comes free with your Mac or can be downloaded.  Other free downloadable programs for viewing footage only are Windows Media Player, or VCL Media Player for Mac or Windows.   For photo viewing and editing there is Windows Photo Viewer which is suitable for Windows PCs or iPhoto for Macs.  Other free downloadable Photo/Image viewers are Picasa, or GIMP and both these programs work on Windows and Macs

Changing, adding or deleting date/time stamp on videos & photo’s:  windows only

Our She Left HD Video Sunglasses come with the Date and Time Stamp turned on. The date/time needs to be updated to reflect the correct date/time when you first use it.  To perform this task you need to create a Notepad ‘Time.Txt’ file. Follow instructions below to create the required file.
  1. From your desktop, click on ‘START’ button and select ‘ALL PROGRAMS’ or ‘PROGRAMS’ (depending on what version of Window you have). Then select ‘ACCESSORIES’ and finally select ‘NOTEPAD’. This will open up the Notepad Program into which you will type the required Date/Time code as shown below in blue.
  2. At the top of the Notepad blank page, type in the following code as shown in blue.         2011.06.19 19:34:00 Y
    The code is shown as ‘year, month, day, hour, minute, second). The code you type in will need to be updated to reflect the correct time/date (ie: highlight the month and change it to the correct month, now highlight the day and change it to the correct day’s date). This action must be performed on the time stamp also.  The capital ‘Y’ that appears at the end of the code refers to ‘YES’ meaning that the time/date stamp will appear on the footage.   If you do not want any time/date stamp to appear, you don’t have to amend the date/time code but only change the capital ‘Y’ to a capital ‘N’, as in NO TIME/DATE is shown.
  3. Leave this program open and now plug in your video sunglasses (with Micro SD card inserted) into the computer using the USB extension cable.  Note: if a POP-UP menu appears asking you if you want to download any images you have on your Micro SD card just select the cancel button. You don’t need this function at this time
  4. Leaving the video sunglasses plugged into computer, return to the Notepad program.  Now that you have set the time/date to reflect your wishes, move the cursor / mouse up and click on the ‘File’ tab.  Select the ‘Save As’ option from the drop-down menu. The ‘Save As’ pop-up menu will appear. In the ‘save in’ area select the downward pointing arrive to open the window. Click on the line that says ‘Removable Disk’ – the drive could be E, G or F, etc depending on your computer. Down in the ‘File Name’ area – name your file TIME. Delete the .txt extension from the file name. When this function has been performed select the ‘SAVE’, shown in the bottom of the pop-up screen you are working in.  This will save the ‘Time.txt’ file to your Micro SD Card.  DO NOT SAVE YOUR TIME.TXT FILE INTO THE DCIM FOLDER ON YOUR MICRO SD CARD. The time code will sit alongside any DCIM folder that may be shown.  Furthermore, the time.txt file will only be visable on your Micro SD Card the first time you save this file, then it becomes a hidden file. NOTE: You may also wish to perform Step 4 again and instead of selecting the ‘Removable Disk’ line select an appropriate line such as ‘My Documents’ etc to save the file to your computer hard drive for future use.
  5. Now unplug your USB cable from the computer and the sunglasses.  Turn sunglasses on – wait approximately 30 second and then click on-off/operations button one (green light will flash) – you are now recording video. If you elected to show the time/date on your footage it will appear on the footage when you download the films at a later stage.


In you have trouble creating your Notepad Time/Date File.  Please email us at: and we will email you the file and the instruction needed to add the file to your internal Micro SD card.


  1. Great for extreme sports, skiing, fishing, hunting, golf, recreation, archery, racing, rock climbing
  2. Perfect for athletes, journalists, traffic police, tourists, students and also usable in any other situations
  3. Widely used on moving vehicles, car accident recording evidence, criminal investigation, outdoor sport, family activities.